We aspire to be more than another golf technology brand. Our award-winning S3 Max rangefinder has already changed the games of 200,00 golfers worldwide, now its your turn.

Why slope, or better yet, what is slope? Simple, if you are 167 yards from the green, but at an elevated location on the course, your yardage is different. You don’t want to come up short, or even worse, long on a shot. With our slope switch, you can easily turn slope on and off.

Everyone knows the “sprinkler” yardage. But have you ever seen it and thought, “this looks closer?” Yeah, us too. So why trust them? For the amateur player, incorrect yardage can be the difference between an 82 and a 92 score. At Blue Tees Golf, our technology is more precise than that. Leave the sprinklers to keeping the course green. And the rangefinders to us.


Here at Blue Tees Golf, our goal is to make affordable products that compete with the higher priced rangefinder brands. Not only do our products look cool, but they often out perform our competitors. Save yourself money with our product, and get better results!


How is the 60 day challenge going to improve your game? Keep track of your progress here, and see the progress of the over 100,000 players worldwide who have switched to Blue Tees Golf. You’re not the only one, so see how you compare to your competition out on the links!