How our Series 3 rangefinders will help in improving your golf

Given a choice, what would you pick?

An average, overpriced rangefinder or a competitively priced top-of-the-line one? If you are tending towards the latter, you’re not wrong and we’ll tell you why.

But if you are thinking, “I am an amateur, I am unsure. Should I get one?”

Well, if you take your golf game seriously and want to cut down on your handicap, a rangefinder is an absolute must for your bag. And our Series 3 Max Golf Rangefinders will be as valuable as your clubs, if not more in improving your scores. Don't you want to experience the feeling of carding a minus score over a demanding course? Wouldn’t that give you a rush?

Still skeptical? Okay, hear us out.

Using our rangefinder to its full capacity will save you shots during a round. And till you have a bankable and knowledgeable caddy beside you, the rangefinder will be an able substitute. Our slope technology helps in eliminating the guesswork from uphill or downhill shots. A rangefinder isn’t exclusively a device for calculating the yardage to a flag or for an approach shot. The Series 3 comes with other functionalities like a 4k display, auto-ambient display to contrast all lighting conditions for unbeatable clarity, USGA compliant adaptive slope switch that can be toggled on and off, built-in magnetic plates to attach effortlessly on the cart, pulse vibration flag-lock for pinpoint accuracy, water-resistant and a 900-yard range. This is an award-winning product with glowing reviews by our customers.

With our rangefinder, learning your yardages will be exponentially easier, and the information you glean will help you in shooting lower scores. You will be guessing less and confidently making the right calls. Consequently, you will be playing quicker, not holding back the pace of play on the course. And that wins friends and goodwill, doesn’t it?

The more expensive rangefinders in the market retail between $400-500 price point, but we are offering you one loaded with features at $259.98 and free shipping. The Father’s Day deal has also been extended, so if you’re ordering a rangefinder, congratulations, there couldn’t have been a better time.

Need more reasons to buy?

We are extremely confident in our product, which also means that you’re eligible for our 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We’re sure that nothing will go wrong, but if it does, we’ll make it right. Our 2-year manufacturer warranty covers any operational defects you experience with your rangefinder. We believe in smooth experiences and have a hassle-free exchange policy in place should something happen to your rangefinder. It is quick and easy. Just pay the return shipping and we will send you a return label and ship you a replacement.

The Series 3 Max is our most advanced rangefinder yet, with next-generation technology and cutting-edge modern design. It has been designed to take on any course. If you are already part of the Blue Tees Golf Family, do avail of the trade-up scheme, which allows you a 30% discount if you have purchased earlier versions of our rangefinders and upgrade to the newest one.